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"The flood of instant information in the world today - at least in the
Western Industrialised World - sometimes seems not to further,
but to retard, education; not to excite but to dampen, curiosity;
not to enlighten, but merely to dismay"

William Shawcross, "The Quality of Mercy"

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About the Whalesong Foundation

The WHALESONG FOUNDATION is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated solely to the development of the GLOBALISATION of teaching and learning.

According to a noted American Marine Biologist, Roger Payne, the great whales of the world have 'enjoyed' a global communication network for tens of thousand of years, gaining the benfit of a "deep sound channel in the ocean", a combination of thermal lay ers and currents that allowed these whales to transmit their 'songs' at a wavelength of 20hz over incredible distances to communicate with whales in other oceans.

Today however, the "noise" created by human movement and activity above,below,through and with the ocean, occurs almost primarily at the same wavelength of 20hz; effectively severing what has been the worlds first truly 'global' communications network !!

It is the wish of this foundation to take this ancient model of global communication and co-operation among these cetaceous mammals and apply it to our own species. It is the purpose of the foundation to re-unite the first global communications network a nd to assist humans to develop the second, the internet.

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The WHALESONG FOUNDATION is concerned with empowering the youth of the World to make active and informed decisions about the future and their place in it. The WHALESONG FOUNDATION supports:

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