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Friday, 11 July 2008

The CSIRO, Australia's leading scientific and industrial reasearch organisation has published its "Fuel for Thought" paper which was a direct result of the November 2007 'Future Fuels Forum". The forum's purpose and the focus of the organisations and governments present, was to .. "to explore sceanrios, conduct quantitative modelling and share ideas as a group so as to inform policy and investment decision making within their own organisations and within the broader Australian Community".

Fuel for Thought

The report:

The future of transport fuels: challenges and opportunities was compiled by the Future Fuels Forum, an initiative led by the CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship.
The Forum brought together 18 leading representatives from Australia’s community, industry and government to share ideas.

Let's play "spot the trend".......

Real Oil Prices since 2004


Hmmm... Getting warmer?

Oil Price Projection Scenarios

The report is the result of a year’s deliberations by the Future Fuels Forum (FFF) which was convened by CSIRO to engage leading community, industry and government bodies in discussions about a range of plausible scenarios for establishing a secure and sustainable transport fuel mix to 2050.

I know I sound like a broken record but:

John Hofmeister, President of Shell Oil, USA, speaks about Shell's position on energy conservation and Global Warming.

The speech was made at the Washington University, St. Louis, USA in September 2006.

MP3 version here.




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